French Bread / le Pain

5.00 AED75.00 AED

White Baguette   AED 12.00
Brown Baguette   AED 12.00
Parisian   AED 12.00
Pain de Campagne surdough 650 grm. AED 75.00
Rustic Country Bread 650 grm. AED 75.00
Whole Grain 250 grm. AED 60.00
Walnut Loaf 250 grm. AED 60.00
Olive Loaf 250 grm. AED 60.00
Cafe de la Paix Special Buns

Sumac, Olive, Brown, Zaater, Italian, Tomato, Sundried Flower, French

  AED 5.00
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What is so special about the French bread you may ask. As a matter of fact, bread is deeply rooted in the history of France. As we know bread shortage did contribute to the French Revolution and anger towards the monarchy. Marie Antoinette’s who was   supposed to have said upon hearing that her subjects had no bread: “Let them eat cake!”The French stick is a serious business in France it is a feature of France, French culture and French food. Boulanger, Artisian are practically in every street corner. French bread adds a special taste to sandwiches, meals and or course cheese or eat it just plain of dipped in your coffee or tea .The ingredients are so simple basically flour, water, salt and yeast yet so different in taste, crust, smell, the amount of air inside and the texture.The magic is in the French flour and baking techniques . At de la paix Abu Dhabi we use traditional recipes, handmade, in house baked and of course French flour. the longer a bread is fermented, the better its flavor will be.

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French Bread Options

Brown Baguette, Café de la Paix special buns, Olive loaf, Pain de Campagne sourdough, Parisian, Rustic country bread, Walnut loaf, White Baguette, Whole Grain

Preparation Time

24 hrs.

Operation Time

10:00 am to 04:00 pm


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